Alabaster Sconces

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Step into the world of elegant home decor with our collection of Alabaster sconces. These stunning pieces exude an air of sophistication and grace, elevating your living space to new heights of beauty. In this roundup, we’ll introduce you to the top Alabaster sconces on the market, sharing their unique features, price points, and more. Get ready to transform your home with these captivating products.

The Top 7 Best Alabaster Sconces

  1. Handcarved Alabaster and Brass Sconce Light — Experience the timeless elegance of natural alabaster with Ando Brass Alabaster Sconce Light, featuring a handcarved globe-like shade, burnished brass finish, and energy-efficient LED bulb compatibility.
  2. Tapered Alabaster Sconce with Removable Shade — Handcrafted tapered alabaster sconce with removable, soft stone shade, perfect for adding warm lighting to any space.
  3. Elegant Alabaster LED Wall Sconce for Timeless Lighting — Transform your living spaces with the beautiful Beacon Lighting Times LED Wall Sconce in Alabaster — White, featuring energy-efficient illumination and adjustable color temperature for a perfect ambiance.
  4. Modern Alabaster Wall Sconce for Bathroom and Living Room — Elevate your home’s style with the elegant Althea Modern Sutton Linear Alabaster Wall Sconce, the perfect addition to living rooms, bathrooms, and more.
  5. Alabaster Rounded Wall Light: Sleek, Versatile, and Warm Lighting — The Alabaster Rounded Wall Light effortlessly enhances any space with its warm light and versatile hanging options, blending seamlessly into any décor.
  6. Stylish Alabaster LED Sconces — Experience a touch of elegance with the Stone Wall Alabaster LED Sconces, perfectly designed to illuminate any space effortlessly.
  7. Elegant Alabaster Rectangular Wall Sconce — Illuminate your space with the versatile Dina Alabaster Rectangular Wall Sconce, featuring customizable dimensions, styles, and colors to match your unique aesthetic.

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🔗Handcarved Alabaster and Brass Sconce Light


Every day, I pass by a beautifully lit room in my office building, and I’ve always been curious about the source of that warm, elegant glow. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was the Ando Brass Alabaster Sconce Light that had been giving the space a cozy, timeless feeling.

When I got my hands on one, I was immediately captivated by the unique beauty of the hand-carved alabaster shade. The intricate, globe-like contours accentuated the translucency and veining of the stone, while the burnished brass finish of the aluminum base added an elegant touch. As a reviewer, the hardwire installation required by the product made me appreciate its professional, dependable construction.

However, I also noticed some slight color variation in the shade due to the natural characteristics of alabaster. This might not appeal to everyone who desires a consistent, uniform look in their lighting solutions. Additionally, the sconce accommodates only one standard bulb, so if you’re looking for a multi-bulb option, this might not be the best choice for you.

All in all, the Ando Brass Alabaster Sconce Light, with its stunning design and thoughtful construction, offers a touch of elegance to any space. While its unique qualities may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s definitely worth considering for those who appreciate the beauty of natural stone.

🔗Tapered Alabaster Sconce with Removable Shade


As someone who appreciates the soft, warm glow of alabaster sconces, I must say that the Jamie Young Tapered Alabaster Sconce quickly became a favorite in my home. What stood out to me was the handcrafted nature of these sconces, with each one featuring its own unique color variation that only added to their charm.

One of the highlights for me was the fact that the alabaster shade was removable, making it easy to access the socket when needed. However, it’s crucial to handle it with care, as alabaster is a soft stone material. The sconce requires just one E12 candelabra bulb, which can be found at most hardware stores.

The overall appearance of these sconces is quite stunning, emitting a soft, enchanting light that I’ve found to be very relaxing, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in my bathroom or bedroom. The fact that they don’t have a metal component is an added bonus, making them a great choice for those looking to match the decor of their space without worrying about coordinating hardware elements.

Although I haven’t experienced any major issues with these sconces, it’s worth mentioning that they can be a bit fragile and may require gentle handling. However, the beauty and ambiance they bring to my home are worth it. I highly recommend the Jamie Young Tapered Alabaster Sconce for those seeking a touch of elegance and warmth.

🔗Elegant Alabaster LED Wall Sconce for Timeless Lighting


Imagine walking into a room bathed in a soft, warm glow. That’s the beauty of the Beacon Lighting Times LED Wall Sconce in Alabaster. It’s the perfect addition to any living space, illuminating bathroom vanities or adding a touch of class to bedroom walls with its timeless charm.

Crafted from natural Spanish alabaster, each sconce is unique. The material’s soft glow and rectangular silhouette add a chic touch to any room, making it the epitome of elegance. But the sconce isn’t just about looks — it delivers efficient, even lighting that’s both energy-saving and adjustable. Its LED light source can be dimmed to create the perfect ambiance, while its adjustable color temperature ensures a cozy, inviting glow.

With its classic design and unique alabaster construction, the sconce serves as a testament to the beauty of natural materials. It’s a thoughtful investment that adds character and charm to any room in your home. Whether you’re lighting up a cozy corner or enhancing the ambiance of your bathroom, the Beacon Lighting Times LED Wall Sconce in Alabaster is sure to bring a touch of timeless elegance to your space.

🔗Modern Alabaster Wall Sconce for Bathroom and Living Room


I recently added the Althea Modern Sutton Linear Alabaster Wall Sconce to my living room, and I have to say, it’s been a game-changer for creating a cozy atmosphere. Its sleek design effortlessly complements my minimalist decor, while the soft glow of the alabaster diffuser adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

One downside, however, is that the alabaster pattern does vary from product to product, as mentioned in the product information. Since I received the sconce, the alabaster pattern looked a bit different from the image displayed online. But overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase and how it’s elevated the ambiance of my living space.

🔗Alabaster Rounded Wall Light: Sleek, Versatile, and Warm Lighting


The Alabaster Rounded Wall Light is a perfect addition to your home decor, blending elegance and practicality with its sleek design. With a warm light that softly illuminates your space, it’s more than just a light fixture — it’s an atmosphere enhancer. The smooth and rounded finish of the light gives it a soothing and sophisticated touch.

One impressive feature was its versatility. You can hang it horizontally or vertically, giving you the flexibility to adapt it to your room’s layout or your personal preferences. The combination of white and brass colors adds a touch of class and timeless appeal to any wall. However, some might argue that the lack of adjustable brightness settings could limit its usefulness in rooms with varied lighting needs.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, the Alabaster Rounded Wall Light has undeniably become a cherished part of my daily life. Its soft glow and stylish design have made it a favorite among friends and family alike. For those seeking a simple yet elegant wall light, this one is definitely worth considering.

🔗Stylish Alabaster LED Sconces


I recently had the pleasure of trying out these Stone Wall Alabaster LED Sconces, and let me tell you, they’re a sight to behold. Not only did they add a touch of elegance to my space, but they also offered a practical solution to my lighting needs.

The low profile design allowed me to effortlessly place them on the wall, either vertically or horizontally. Their oval alabaster-inspired shade not only looked great, but it also provided ambient lighting that cast a warm glow on my walls. The brass metal band running through the center of the shade added a lovely touch of sophistication, tying the whole piece together.

However, there were a few drawbacks. While I appreciated the flexibility of placement, the low profile design limited the amount of light these sconces could provide. Additionally, as with any LED lights, the initial cost might be higher compared to traditional lighting options.

Overall, these Stone Wall Alabaster LED Sconces are a beautiful and functional addition to any home. Their unique design and practicality make them a worthwhile investment, despite the minor drawbacks.

🔗Elegant Alabaster Rectangular Wall Sconce


As a frequent user of the Dina Alabaster Rectangular Wall Sconce, I can confidently say that this beautiful piece of decor enhances any space it occupies. The alabaster pattern is a unique touch that adds an elegant, artistic flair. The size options cater to various room dimensions, making it versatile and convenient to use.

However, one downside I’ve experienced is the lack of color choices. A range of colors would make this already stunning sconce even more enticing to potential buyers. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a reliable, stylish choice to elevate your living space, the Dina Alabaster Sconce is an excellent option.

Buyer’s Guide

Alabaster sconces have been a popular choice for homeowners looking to create a warm and inviting ambiance in their living spaces. These timeless decorative pieces not only add a touch of elegance but also provide practical lighting. To help you make the best purchase, we’ve put together this comprehensive buyer’s guide to guide you through the process.


Important Features to Consider

When selecting alabaster sconces, there are several factors to consider to ensure that your choice meets your needs and complements your home’s décor. Here are some key features to look out for:

  1. Size and Dimensions: The size and dimensions of the sconce should be appropriate for the space where it will be installed. 2. Design and Style: Alabaster sconces come in various designs, such as traditional, contemporary, or art deco. Choose a style that complements your home’s interior design. 3. Lighting Type: Alabaster sconces can be found in different lighting types, including LED, halogen, or incandescent. Consider the lighting requirements of the space where the sconce will be installed. 4. Finish: Alabaster sconces come in different finishes, such as matte, glossy, or metallic. Choose a finish that complements your home’s color scheme and overall design.

Considerations Before Making a Purchase

Before making a purchase, consider the following factors to ensure that you select the right alabaster sconce for your needs:

  1. Installation: Make sure that the sconce you choose can be easily installed in the location where you want to place it. 2. Maintenance: Some alabaster sconces require more maintenance than others. Consider how often you’re willing to clean and maintain the sconce. 3. Energy Efficiency: If you’re looking to save on energy costs, consider purchasing an alabaster sconce with an energy-efficient lighting system.

General Advice for Alabaster Sconce Purchase

To ensure that you get the best alabaster sconce for your home, follow these general tips:

  1. Measure the space where you want to install the sconce to ensure that the size and dimensions are appropriate. 2. Consider the lighting requirements of the space where the sconce will be installed. 3. Research different designs and styles to find the one that complements your home’s interior design. 4. Look for alabaster sconces with energy-efficient lighting systems to save on energy costs. 5. Choose a finish that complements your home’s color scheme and overall design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about alabaster sconces to help you make the best purchase:

  1. What are alabaster sconces? 2. What are the benefits of alabaster sconces? 3. What are the different types of lighting systems available for alabaster sconces? 4. How do I clean an alabaster sconce?


What are Alabaster Sconces?

Alabaster sconces are decorative wall-mounted lighting fixtures made primarily from alabaster stone or resin. Known for their beauty and soft, warm glow, they are often used to add a sophisticated and elegant touch to interiors. The use of alabaster stone provides a natural, delicate look that sets these sconces apart from other materials such as brass or glass.

The sconces usually come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and shapes, making it easier for people to choose a sconce that suits their specific needs. Some common designs include contemporary, traditional, vintage, and rustic, among others. Alabaster sconces can be found in both residential and commercial settings, and are often used to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.


What makes Alabaster Sconces unique?

Alabaster sconces are unique due to their exquisite beauty and versatility. They are made from a material that is soft yet durable and are often handcrafted, allowing for a high level of detail in their design. The soft, warm glow that emanates from an alabaster sconce is achieved primarily due to its translucent nature. When light shines through alabaster, it creates an ethereal effect, which can complement various décor styles and settings.

Alabaster sconces are known to have a luxurious and elegant appearance, making them the ideal choice for spaces that require a touch of class and sophistication. Their unique and natural beauty also has a calming and soothing impact on the human psyche, which further adds to their appeal. With proper care, an alabaster sconce can last for many years, making it a worthwhile investment for your home or office.

What are the benefits of Alabaster Sconces?

There are several benefits associated with using alabaster sconces. One of the primary advantages is their ability to create a warm and welcoming ambiance in any living space. The soft, warm light that these sconces emit can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels, making them a popular choice for relaxation areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and spas.

Alabaster sconces are also known to be highly versatile. They can be used in a wide variety of settings and styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic. This versatility makes them suitable for all types of homes, offices, and public spaces, and enables designers to create truly unique and personalized interiors.


What is the process of making Alabaster Sconces?

The process of making alabaster sconces involves several stages. First, the alabaster stone or resin is mined or extracted from the earth. Depending on the source, this can involve mining operations, quarrying, or drilling. Once the material is extracted, it undergoes a series of processes to prepare it for use in creating sconces. This may include cutting, shaping, and refining the material to achieve the desired shape and form.

Next, the alabaster is machined or hand-carved into the desired design. This process can be quite intricate, as artisans must pay close attention to the details and ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. Once the design is complete, the sconces are polished to achieve a soft, warm glow and to make them easier to maintain over time.

How do I care for Alabaster Sconces?

Caring for your alabaster sconces is essential to ensure that they maintain their beauty and functionality over time. The first step involves cleaning the sconces regularly using a soft, damp cloth. For more stubborn stains or marks, a mild detergent can be used. However, it is essential to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the alabaster material.

It is also important to keep your alabaster sconces away from direct sunlight and extreme heat sources. This can help to prevent fading, discoloration, and other damage to the material. If you need to clean the sconces more thoroughly, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional cleaner, as improper cleaning practices can void the warranty on the product.

Where can I purchase Alabaster Sconces?

There are several places where you can purchase alabaster sconces, depending on your location and budget. You can find them at specialty stores, art galleries, and online retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, and eBay. These stores offer a wide variety of designs, styles, and price ranges to suit all preferences and budgets.

When purchasing an alabaster sconce, it is essential to consider factors such as the size, shape, and style of the sconce, as well as the color and finish. Additionally, it is a good idea to check the warranty and return policy of the seller, as well as their reputation in the market, before making a final decision.

As an Amazon Associate; we earn from qualified purchases.