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Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the world of cutting-edge products! Our latest roundup is all about the Cold Steel Trail Boss — a trailblazing invention that’s got everyone talking. From its sleek design to its innovative features, this product has captured the hearts (and wallets) of many, offering an unparalleled experience. Buckle up and join us as we delve into the world of the Cold Steel Trail Boss, exploring every aspect and highlighting its unique attributes. This is not just an article — it’s a journey you simply cannot miss!

The Top 12 Best Cold Steel Trail Boss

  1. Cold Steel Trail Hawk Axe: Versatile Survival Tool for Outdoors and Preppers — The Cold Steel Trail Hawk Axe is a highly versatile, durable, and lightweight axe, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and preppers alike, with its hammer poll, easy handling, and impressive cutting power.
  2. Cold Steel Tactical Trench Hawk: Durable and Versatile Combat Tool — A versatile and durable Trench Hawk by Cold Steel, featuring a high-carbon steel head and shock-absorbing handle, perfect for close-combat and throwing scenarios.
  3. Polypropylene Handle for Cold Steel War Hawk — Upgrade your Cold Steel War Hawk with a durable, polypropylene black Trench Hawk Replacement Handle for versatile trench warfare, camping, and wilderness adventures!
  4. Cold Steel Trench Hawk Replacement Handle for Hawk Axe Models — The Cold Steel Tomahawk Handle offers a durable American Hickory option for various Cold Steel axes, providing a functional and reliable replacement for enthusiasts.
  5. Compact, Strong Outback Axe with Hickory Handle — Experience ultimate power and durability with the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe — the go-to tool for survival in any terrain.
  6. Folding Clincher Tire for High Traction Performance — Experience ultimate control and responsive traction with the WTB Trail Boss Comp Folding Bead Clincher Tire, designed for high-speed performance and exceptional off-road grip.
  7. Cold Steel Trail Hawk Sheath for Durable Tomahawks — The Cold Steel Trail Hawk Sheath offers a durable and versatile solution to protect and transport your Trail Hawk, adding convenience and ease in the outdoors.
  8. Durable Utility Dump Trailer for Land and Game Prep — Upgrade your outdoor hauling capabilities with the Cold Steel Trail Boss, a robust and versatile 1750 lb. utility dump trailer that simplifies the transport of heavy loads and offers unmatched ease and efficiency at unmatched value.
  9. Heavy-Duty Cold Steel Tomahawk Sheath — Cold Steel Frontier Hawk Sheath: A durable and versatile replacement for your Frontier Hawk with a Cor-Ex sheath designed for optimal use in wilderness and camp activities.
  10. Precision Fillet Knife for Effortless Fish and Game Preparation — Master precise, long-lasting filleting with the durable, slip-resistant Old Timer Trail Boss Fillet Knife, perfect for all your fish and game needs.
  11. All-Purpose Trail Boss Game Shears by Schrade — Unleash ultimate outdoor versatility with Schrade 1166382 Trail Boss Game Shears, featuring a durable stainless steel blade, serrated edge, and non-slip grip, backed by Old Timer’s Generational Guarantee.
  12. Espionage Thriller: The Cold Trail — A Stealthy Steel Claw Adventure — Unleash the Steel Claw in the Cold Trail, a gripping espionage thriller perfect for Cold War enthusiasts and fans of original artist Jesus Blasco, now available as a hardback with 128 pages published by Rebellion Publishing Ltd.

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🔗Cold Steel Trail Hawk Axe: Versatile Survival Tool for Outdoors and Preppers


Imagine yourself deep in the wilderness, equipped with nothing but the essentials. The Trail Hawk by Cold Steel isn’t just an axe; it’s a reliable companion, designed to handle all the challenges you may face during your wild venture. The first thing that strikes you is its weight — lightweight enough to tuck under your belt or lash it to your backpack without causing any hassle.

The axe head, crafted from 1055 carbon steel, is perfectly positioned to offer optimal control while chipping away at a sturdy tree limb or chopping your way through wood for your campfire. The 6.5-inch long head can easily bite through large firewood logs while also leaving you with an impressive functional hammer poll to drive nails or hammer in stakes.

Handling the Trail Hawk feels comfortable and secure. Its grip, made from American Hickory hardwood, provides a sturdy hold in any weather condition. The entire structure, including those steel parts, makes you feel the assuring weight of the axe, reassuring you that you’re well-equipped for some serious chopping.

What’s even more impressive about this axe is that it’s versatile — serving not just as a powerful chopping tool but also as a reliable hammer. It’s designed to tackle a plethora of outdoor jobs, making it your one-stop-shop for survival, prepping, or camping expeditions.

The Trail Hawk stands out for its lightweight design and the flexibility it offers in a rugged outdoor environment. It’s no wonder it earns high praise from users who have put it through its paces, giving it a solid 4.6 rating. Whether you’re looking for a tool for survival, self-defense or simply for enhancing your outdoor experience, the Cold Steel Trail Hawk is definitely worth considering.

🔗Cold Steel Tactical Trench Hawk: Durable and Versatile Combat Tool


The Cold Steel Trench Hawk, a weapon of war, has a striking design that screams combat and survival. It might look like an average axe, but it’s much more than a simple cutting tool. One of my favorite features is the shock-absorbent handle made of high-grade polypropylene plastic, which ensures comfort and security during rigorous use.

But what really sets this tool apart is its functionality. The Trench Hawk’s cutting edge and brutal wedge-shaped spike are ideal for close-quarters combat situations, offering versatility in defending oneself or capturing enemies. The sheath included with the axe also adds to practicality and ease of use.

While the Trench Hawk is a powerful and reliable tool, it does have a few downsides. The screws in the sheath come loose and require the use of Loctite from the manufacturer to stay fixed. Additionally, the weight of the Trench Hawk, especially while hanging, can be a disadvantage when looking for portability.

In summary, the Cold Steel Trench Hawk is a formidable and versatile weapon that excels in close-quarters combat situations. Its ability to be both a weapon and a useful tool makes it a valuable addition to any survival kit, but its weight and screw issue can be off-putting for some potential users.

🔗Polypropylene Handle for Cold Steel War Hawk


After having been on many hikes and trips, I came across a great tool — the Cold Steel Trench Hawk Replacement Handle. It’s a perfect companion when you’re in the wilderness, helping you carve out wood or clear a path. The polypropylene handle is comfortable and sturdy, making it ideal for tough work, and it matches the traditional design of a good ol’ reliable axe.

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that while the handle is strong, it doesn’t have the warmth and flexibility of a wood handle. But overall, this Cold Steel Replacement Handle has proven to be a dependable sidekick in my adventures, and I’m glad I can always have a spare one tucked away.

🔗Cold Steel Trench Hawk Replacement Handle for Hawk Axe Models


As a fan of outdoor adventures, I’ve had the pleasure of using the Cold Steel Trail Hawk from time to time. When I needed a replacement for my trusty tomahawk, I turned to the Cold Steel Tomahawk 22 Replacement Handle for a seamless upgrade.

This replacement handle is made from high-quality American Hickory, giving it a sturdy, reliable feel that I’ve come to appreciate over the years. With a total length of 55.88 cm and a weight of approximately 737g, it’s the perfect size for a variety of tasks.

While I love the durability of this product, I must admit that the shape of the handle was slightly different from what I’m used to. However, with a bit of sanding and a creative adjustment, I managed to make it work perfectly for my needs.

Overall, the Cold Steel Tomahawk 22 Replacement Handle is a reliable and high-quality addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s toolkit. Its sturdy construction, combined with its ergonomic design, makes it a worthwhile investment for those who value functionality and durability in their products.

🔗Compact, Strong Outback Axe with Hickory Handle


I recently had the chance to experience the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe in my daily life, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This compact and powerful tool proved to be an invaluable companion on my outdoor adventures.

The first thing that caught my eye was the European-style head, which made quick work of large chunks of wood with every swing. The 10 cm blade was a perfect size for my needs, and the head’s solid design gave me confidence in its durability.

One feature of the Trail Boss that really stood out was the American hickory handle. It felt comfortable in my hand and provided a good grip, even in wet conditions. However, the lacquer finish on the handle did cause some discomfort after a while, leading me to remove it and apply a finish that suited my preference.

Despite its lightweight design, the Trail Boss proved to be a powerful and reliable tool for chopping kindling, removing obstacles, and even felling decently-sized trees. Its ability to be carried in a backpack or held by hand all day made it an ideal companion for my outdoor excursions.

There were a few drawbacks to using the Trail Boss, such as the lack of a cover to protect the blade and the need to purchase a sheath separately for added protection. Additionally, the axe’s shipping protection may be a bit excessive and could pose some difficulty in removing during the initial sharpening process.

All in all, the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe was a fantastic addition to my outdoor gear. Its high-quality design, powerful performance, and reasonable price point make it a top choice for any adventurer in need of a reliable and versatile axe. I wholeheartedly recommend the Trail Boss to anyone seeking a high-performance tool for their outdoor adventures.

🔗Folding Clincher Tire for High Traction Performance


As an avid biker, I recently had the opportunity to try out the WTB Trail Boss Comp Folding Bead Clincher Tire on a variety of terrains. Immediately, I noticed its impressive tread pattern that effectively minimizes rolling resistance while ensuring a smooth, drag-free ride. The tire’s blocky and tall knobs really dig in and deliver excellent traction, especially when braking on slopes.

Throughout my time with the Trail Boss, I was impressed by its supportive side knobs, which kept me steady on challenging off-camber trails. The rounded profile of the tire contributed to the overall stability and control, enabling me to tackle tricky situations with ease.

However, I also encountered some drawbacks during my experience. On certain types of terrain, such as loose gravel, the Trail Boss struggled to provide consistent grip, leading to occasional slipping. Additionally, the tire demanded a bit more effort when installing and removing the tubes, which could be frustrating for some riders.

Despite these minor setbacks, the WTB Trail Boss Comp Folding Bead Clincher Tire proved to be an excellent choice for both trail and off-road cycling. With its well-designed features, impressive traction, and solid performance on various surfaces, it has become a staple in my bike’s setup. Overall, the Trail Boss provided me with the confidence and control needed to tackle any trail, making it a must-have for fellow cyclists seeking dependable grip and reliable performance.

🔗Cold Steel Trail Hawk Sheath for Durable Tomahawks


As an adventurer, my daily companion is my Cold Steel Trail Hawk. Carrying the tomahawk in the included sheath makes it practical to secure and transport safely. The sheath is built from Cordura, a durable material that has proven its worth in various situations. It’s amazing how this simple yet effective design works seamlessly with the Trail Hawk, providing a secure cover for the blade.

The sheath fits like a glove around the tomahawk, ensuring it stays in place without any unnecessary movements. This snug fit is both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the situation. While it makes sure the Trail Hawk doesn’t rattle or clatter around, sometimes it can be a bit challenging to get it out quickly when needed.

Despite the minor inconvenience of taking it out, the sheath is lightweight and easy to attach to my bag or belt. This adds to its convenience and makes it a great accessory for any kind of outdoor adventure. Overall, I’m quite impressed with the practicality and durability of the Cold Steel Trail Hawk Sheath, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who needs a reliable and secure way to carry their Trail Hawk.

🔗Durable Utility Dump Trailer for Land and Game Prep


I recently had the chance to give the OXCART Trail Boss a try, and I must say, I’m impressed. This thing is a real game changer for anyone who needs to haul heavy loads around their property. The 2-inch NASCAR full-mandrel bent axle support and load-testing up to 1750 lbs. definitely provide the strength and durability I was looking for.

One of the best features is the solid steel tub bed and sides, which ensure that everything stays in place during transportation. I found myself able to hold much more loose material compared to the expanded metal mesh beds, and it’s nice not to have to worry about dirt falling through.

The offset dump pivot point gives me great control while hauling, and the hydraulic-assisted bed lift (sold separately) makes handling heavy loads a breeze. The ground clearance of almost 15 inches and 58-degree swivel dump angle make it easier than ever to tackle off-road chores.

But it’s not just about the practical stuff. The OXCART Trail Boss is also a joy to use, with its ATV-grade tires allowing me to load up to the max and move twice as much in half the time. Plus, the reduced physical strain means I can focus on the fun stuff without getting exhausted.

Overall, the OXCART Trail Boss is more than just a utility trailer — it’s a lifesaver for anyone with a large property to maintain. Its durability and innovative features make it well worth the investment.

🔗Heavy-Duty Cold Steel Tomahawk Sheath


I’ve been using the Cold Steel Frontier Hawk Sheath for a while now, and it’s been a reliable companion on my camping trips. The durable Cor-Ex material ensures the sheath lasts, while the Cordura material makes it easy to carry and handle. However, one issue I faced was fitting the sheath onto the axe, which required some effort initially.

On the positive side, the snug fit once achieved keeps the axe securely in place. Overall, it’s a handy addition to any Frontier Hawk, offering protection and convenience during outdoor adventures.

🔗Precision Fillet Knife for Effortless Fish and Game Preparation


Filleting fish and game has never been easier with the Old Timer Trail Boss Fillet Knife. The stainless steel blade glides through even the toughest meat with precision and ease, making every cut perfectly clean. The knife’s full tang construction ensures a durable and long-lasting performance, so you can rely on it for years to come.

Its secure and comfortable TPE grip handle not only fits like a glove but also prevents any slipping, even when your hands are wet or covered in blood. As someone who has used this fillet knife for a while, I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient tool in their outdoor adventures.

🔗All-Purpose Trail Boss Game Shears by Schrade


The Schrade Trail Boss Game Shears, aptly named, are an excellent companion for any outdoors enthusiast. After months of using these sleek shears, I’ve come to appreciate their combination of ruggedness and versatility. The serrated edge bone-breaking notch is a game-changer for breaking down various types of wild game. Moreover, they never fail to impress with the added bonus of a bottle opener. The non-slip grip handles, coupled with their resistance to water, make handling these shears a breeze, even in the roughest conditions. However, I must admit that the stainless steel blade could have been made a bit sharper to improve its cutting efficiency. But those are simply trivial concerns with the Schrade Trail Boss Game Shears in your hands.

In conclusion, the Schrade Trail Boss Game Shears might have a few niggles, but their features undoubtedly outweigh these minor glitches. With their sturdy construction and dependable performance, these shears will be your faithful friend for any outdoor activities. Give the Trail Boss series a try, and you’ll see for yourself how it earned its reputation for being the game shears of choice for those who appreciate high-quality outdoor tools.

🔗Espionage Thriller: The Cold Trail — A Stealthy Steel Claw Adventure


The Steel Claw: The Cold Trail is a gripping espionage thriller set in the heart of the Cold War. As this hardback book hits the streets, readers will find themselves on a fast-paced, never-before-reprinted mission.

The story follows the heroic Steel Claw as he works to safeguard the country’s nuclear secrets, all while navigating the treacherous landscape of espionage. With striking artwork by the original artist, Jesus Blasco, this book promises to be a thrilling ride for fans of the genre.

While its hardback binding type and publisher, Rebellion Publishing Ltd. , add a sense of sophistication to this classic series, readers will have to see if the pros of this gripping narrative outweigh the potential cons in their own experience.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to Cold Steel Trail Boss buyer’s guide. In this section, we will cover important features, considerations, and general advice about axes in the Cold Steel Trail Boss category. We’ll help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect axe for your needs.


Size and Weight

When considering the Trail Boss axes, the size and weight are essential factors. Larger axes, such as the 45lb Trail Boss, are suitable for heavy-duty tasks like felling trees or splitting logs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lighter model for camping or general use, the 25lb version might be more appropriate. Be mindful of your personal strength, storage space, and intended use while choosing the right size and weight.


The Trail Boss axes are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and strength. The heads are composed of 5160 steel, which is known for its toughness and ability to retain its sharp edge. The handles are constructed of hickory or G10 fiberglass, providing a strong and comfortable grip. Consider the climate and weather conditions you’ll be using the axe in when choosing between materials, as well as your personal preference.


Maintenance and Care

To ensure your Trail Boss axe stays in top condition, proper maintenance and care are crucial. Clean the axe after use, using a stiff brush to remove dirt, mud, and debris. Apply a coat of wax to the head and handle to protect them from rust and moisture. Store your axe in a dry, secure location when it’s not in use, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. Regularly sharpening the edge with a high-quality file will keep your axe working efficiently.


You might want to consider additional accessories for your Trail Boss axe to enhance your experience. A protective sheath or cover can help protect the edge and handle from environmental factors. A sharpening stone or kit is essential for maintaining the axe’s sharpness. Lastly, a carrying case or strap can make transporting your axe easier and more convenient.



What is the Cold Steel Trail Boss?

The Cold Steel Trail Boss is a versatile, high-quality tool designed for outdoor activities and survival situations. It is a multi-purpose knife, axe, and can opener, perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and various other outdoor pursuits. The Trail Boss is renowned for its durability, efficiency, and ease of use.

Crafted from 1055 high carbon steel, the Trail Boss boasts excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and a high level of strength. The knife features a bone handle, providing a non-slip grip in wet or slippery conditions, while the axe can easily saw through tree branches or wooden structures. Additionally, the can opener enables users to efficiently open cans, making the Trail Boss an indispensable outdoor companion.


What are the dimensions of the Cold Steel Trail Boss?

The Cold Steel Trail Boss is a compact and portable tool, measuring 14.5 inches in total length when extended for use as an axe. When collapsed, it measures 11.7 inches, and it has an overall width of 4.5 inches. The knife portion of the Trail Boss extends to 9.75 inches. Its weight is 1.5 pounds, enabling easy transportation and storage for outdoor enthusiasts.

These dimensions make the Trail Boss convenient to carry in backpacks, camping gear, or even in pockets for hiking or hunting expeditions. The compact design ensures that the user has easy access to this versatile tool whenever needed. Furthermore, the Trail Boss can be disassembled for convenient storage and maintenance.

Can the Cold Steel Trail Boss be disassembled? If so, how?

Yes, the Cold Steel Trail Boss can be disassembled for compact storage and easy maintenance. To disassemble the tool, it is necessary to remove the bolts on both sides of the multi-tool head. These bolts can be easily unscrewed with a screwdriver or similar tool. The main body of the Trail Boss can then be separated from the axe component for convenient storage or transportation.

Reassembling the Trail Boss is straightforward; simply align the axe blade with the axe head and screw the bolts back into place. Ensure the nuts are tightened to prevent any movement during use. This disassembly and assembly process make the Trail Boss highly portable and easy to maintain for optimal performance.


What are the key features of the Cold Steel Trail Boss?

The Cold Steel Trail Boss is a versatile, high-quality tool that boasts several key features, which include: a 3.5-inch knife with a clip-style blade, capable of performing various cutting tasks; a 5.5-inch axe, specifically designed for cutting tree branches, wooden planks, or breaking smaller branches into kindling; a can opener, which enables the Trail Boss to efficiently open cans in outdoor situations; an ergonomic, yet durable bone handle, ensuring a comfortable grip even when the user’s hands are wet or slippery;

The Trail Boss also features a locking mechanism that secures the blade or axe in place when in use, ensuring safety and preventing accidental closure. The locking mechanism is easy to use, with a simple press-and-hold action allowing the user to access the tools without compromising safety. Lastly, the Trail Boss is crafted from 1055 high carbon steel, providing durability, corrosion resistance, and exceptional edge retention.

Is the Cold Steel Trail Boss suitable for self-defense purposes?

The Cold Steel Trail Boss is not primarily designed as a self-defense tool, but its sturdy construction and versatility can make it useful in self-defense situations. The 3.5-inch knife featured on the Trail Boss can be employed as a last resort for self-protection. With proper training and experience, the Trail Boss can be used as an effective self-defense weapon if necessary.

However, it is always recommended to prioritize non-violent conflict resolution methods and to avoid using weapons or tools that are not specifically designed as self-defense devices. In a self-defense situation, the user should aim to minimize harm and prioritize safety by following the principles of de-escalation and self-preservation.

What maintenance is required for the Cold Steel Trail Boss?

To maintain the Cold Steel Trail Boss in prime working condition, it is essential to perform routine maintenance. Proper maintenance includes cleaning the tool regularly after each use to remove any dirt, debris, or moisture that may hinder its performance. Additionally, the Trail Boss should be dried thoroughly, especially if it has been submerged in water during use.

Occasionally, the Trail Boss will require sharpening to keep its knife component sharp. Proper sharpening can be achieved using a whetstone or similar honing tool. Regular sharpening ensures that the Trail Boss remains an effective tool for cutting tasks. Furthermore, it is essential to periodically lubricate the locking mechanism to prevent any stiffness or discomfort when using the Trail Boss.

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